Residential And Commercial Homeowners And Condominium Association Formation

We represent real estate developers and builders in the formation and creation of associations for their new developments.  This can include a standard homeowners association with simple amenities to maintain, or a mixed-use project that has both commercial and residential uses with shared amenities and access points. 

We also draft documents for exclusively commercial projects where a property can include several uses, including office, retail, hotel and warehouse and have shared amenities costs. Each type of association has different issues to address and the governing documents and covenants for each need to address such differences and have the ability to be flexible as times and needs change for the communities. 

We have many years of experience throughout the Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia region assisting real estate developers in the preparation of such documents and have seen many types of scenarios. Please call us at (301) 251-1180 or submit an online inquiry so that we may assist you.