Real Estate Contracts, Commercial Real Estate Transactions, And Commercial Real Estate Settlements

When negotiating the purchase of commercial real estate, whether for development or for its existing uses, the deal is heavily guided by the unique aspects of the specific piece of property and your business goals.

Some deals may require longer study periods with more expansive cooperation rights, to put the parties in a position to proceed to a quick settlement once the status is better known; other deals may require mutual obligations and indemnities and can run the gambit on a whole host of pre-closing development obligations or conditions, entitlement contingencies, and resolution of known issues.

Negotiating these unique issues into a contract requires a deep knowledge of both the law and the real estate industry, both of which our lawyers have. Close attention should also be paid to deposit obligations and when the deposit becomes forfeited or refundable to a party; the role of the escrow agent in the deal; the status of title; and the instances or obligations of default and cure rights.

Each deal can be entirely different and our attorneys can help steer you to settlement. Please call us at (301) 251-1180 or submit an online inquiry so that we may assist you.