Real Estate Law

Unlike law firms that jumped on the real estate bandwagon in the boom years, we have stood by our clients through years of ups and downs.

We have long-term relationships with real estate developers, homebuilders and landowners, property managers, contractors and individuals. Of course, our clients rely on us for our core technical expertise in deal making, project approval and construction, right through settlement of the finished product. Just as importantly, they know they can trust our judgment and our deep knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic region. Thanks to our role in many of the area’s highest profile projects, we can keep you on the forefront of new trends and the intricacies of the regulatory environment. In fact, several of our attorneys have drafted and shaped pieces of state legislation that affect the real estate industry. Please call us at (301) 251-1180 or submit an online inquiry so that we may either assist you with your legal issue or provide a referral for someone who can.

Can you help with my plans to build 75 homes on a tract I own?

Yes. We regularly assist residential and commercial builders and developers with everything from land acquisition to home sales and beyond. We review, prepare and negotiate contracts, analyze title reports and solve title problems. We draft, review and negotiate loan documents, conduct closings, prepare and negotiate joint venture agreements and other co-partnering arrangements. Our experience includes drafting easements, shared use and maintenance, deferred water and sewer covenants and all manner of other property-related agreements, including the forming of homeowners and condominium associations. We also assist with drafting consumer sales contracts and insure compliance with consumer protection and disclosure laws.

Can you help me sell part, but not all, of a commercial building I own?

In an era of business downsizing, we have worked with clients who want to rescale their commercial properties without selling 100% of their interest. Establishing condominium space is one logical approach. In one instance, we created a condominium for an existing office building with units of varying sizes to sell to both existing tenants and investors. Recently, we also created a warehouse condominium, in which the owners kept a portion of the building for their business and were able to sell the remaining space.

Can I structure a deal to manage recordation and transfer taxes?

Yes. We have helped facilitate many such deals. You can count on us for innovative tactics to structure transactions and secure financing so that the parties involved can limit or avoid recordation and transfer taxes.

How do I find out if an access easement on an adjacent property will affect plans to develop my property?

It’s our standard operating procedure to review the property’s report of title and American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey. If we find that the recorded access easement located on the adjacent parcel doesn’t include specific maintenance covenants and agreements, we’ll recommend that an amendment be recorded to provide for the specific maintenance obligations and responsibilities for you, as the intended user.

Can we modify HOA documents that a developer created before we were part of the project?

We frequently find ways to amend homeowners’ association documents and/or water and sewer lien documents. We pride ourselves on drafting covenants that are coherent and flexible. We also make an effort to be mindful that they must be understandable to the homeowners who will have to operate within their provisions.

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