Professional Practices

Professional practices have their own special requirements that must be tailored to their unique industry. At McMillan Metro, we have broad experience working with professionals in a wide array of fields including physicians, dentists, accountants, lawyers as well as other licensed professionals.

We bring passion and perspective to your business along with practical strategies and solutions. Our focused representation begins with determining the right type of entity to be formed that will best serve your professional practice and its owners. Where there is more than one owner, we work to identify and implement the internal contracts and other agreements necessary to help assure the success of the business. This includes employment agreements and employee manuals geared towards your profession.

Terms and provisions of employment agreements need to be customized for owners as opposed to non-equity professionals and other support staff. In most situations, non-compete, non-solicitation, and other restrictive covenants are essential tools needed to protect your most important asset – your clients and patients. For internal governance, we work in concert with you to design shareholder, operating, and partnership agreements that clarify how your business is to be managed day to day.

Different professions also require specialized attention for their leasing needs. We carefully listen to understand your needs and factor those into our analysis of your lease to help assure that it is customized to meet your goals for both today as well as for the full term of the lease.

At McMillan Metro, we also address succession planning for future contingencies such as death, disability, retirement, and owner disputes. We strive to anticipate your future needs as well as a changing and evolving business climate.

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