Physical Evaluation Board (“PEB”) Hearings And Courts Martial

As experienced former military attorneys, McMillan Metro has represented hundreds of service members at Courts-martial, Administrative Hearings (and Boards of Inquiry), Physical Evaluation Boards, credentials hearings, Non-Judicial Punishment, and in other military criminal and administrative matters.  McMillan Metro, P.C. can provide the experience and the attention to your case that few military attorneys can provide.  Contact us for an Initial Consultation regarding your military legal issues.   

Physical Evaluation Board (“PEB”) Hearings:

As a military service member, if you suffer an injury or an illness while on active duty you are entitled to a hearing to determine whether you can continue to serve in the military; and if not, whether you are entitled to medical and other benefits.  After a review of your medical records, a service member receives an initial evaluation stating the disability level and benefits the service member is entitled to receive.   Each service has a Physical Evaluation Board (or PEB) where service members may appeal the record review or initial disability rating.  You are entitled to an attorney and to present any evidence to support your disability case.  At McMillan Metro, our attorneys have represented service members from all military services at PEB hearings for 30 years and we can give your case the time and attention it requires.  

General and Special Courts-Martial:

In the military, the most serious offenses are referred to a General Court-Marital, less serious offenses involving enlisted members are referred to a Special Court-Martial.  Whether you are facing a General Court-Marital or a Special Court-Martial, you need legal representation with the experience and ability to zealously represent you before the military courts.  A guilty finding usually means a federal felony conviction on your record and other punishment. Although you will be appointed a military attorney to represent you at your court-martial, the level of experience, dedication, and knowledge of detailed defense counsel varies. At McMillan Metro, our attorneys have represented service members from all services at General and Special Courts-Martial for 30 years.  We work hard for military service members facing court-martial.