Land Use, Zoning and Municipal Law

We Help Builders And Developers Navigate The Complex Development Approval And Permit Issuance Processes.

Zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and building codes are challenging—and unavoidable—facts of life if you are a builder, developer, a business seeking an appropriate location, or an investor or lender looking for an independent analysis of approval status. Our attorneys know their way through the maze, and you can count on us to help you navigate the planning, subdivision and zoning requirements for development and use approval. You can also count on us to assist when permit applications are denied or delayed. As our client you get more than an understanding of local zoning and subdivision law, administrative procedure, and appellate litigation. Our trusting professional relationships with elected officials and staff, appointed board members, and industry leaders, based on integrity enable us to advocate effectively with government decision makers.

I have a parcel of undeveloped (or under-developed) land. How many houses can I put on it?
Our lawyers regularly face this complex question that has many possible answers. We can assist you in understanding the many facets of developing your parcel from your subdivision and standard development rights, to your maximum density, buildable area, and even creative optional methods or local development programs.
Can you help me understand what I can and cannot do with a piece of property I am interested in buying?
Yes. We regularly assist large and small scale developers, lenders, and investors understand the types of geographic, topographic, zoning, and use advantages and limitations that come along with any piece of property. Our lawyers have significant experience interpreting the Montgomery County and Frederick County zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations and they can help you understand your building area, subdivision rights and available permitted and conditional uses.
Can I appeal a decision denying my preliminary plan or conditional use application?
Yes. Each county has specific rules, procedures, limitations and strict time limits for further review and appeal of its local planning and zoning boards’ decisions. Denied applications can eventually be appealed to the Circuit Court and Maryland’s appellate courts, which also have strict rules and time limits. We are happy to discuss your rights and options if you received a decision that you think should be further reviewed.
Can you help me address this Department of Permitting Services Code violation?
Yes. Our attorneys rely on their knowledge of and ability to interpret building codes and local laws and regulations, as well as our professional relationships with governmental staff to help you understand what went wrong and explore options for remedying the problem. Whether the solution requires legal interpretation, a court action, or referral to a professional consultant, we can help steer you in the right direction.