General Counsel Services

Do you ever wish you had a trusted partner for all your legal needs? Someone who really understands your business and can help you meet your business goals while minimizing risks, stress, and conflicts?

We believe all businesses need a General Counsel to be their go-to. We know that our clients know “what” the solutions are their problems, yet they do not know how to implement the solution. We know “how to” address the problem with analysis and strategy borne from experience in dealing with these same problems on behalf of others.

General Counsel Service. Startups, as well as established businesses, need a wide variety of legal advice yet not enough to hire a fulltime in-house attorney. We offer our clients the equivalent of an in-house counsel on an as-needed basis. To do so, we ask our clients to give us an in-depth understanding of their business and operations. You can call us anytime.

Preventive Law Opportunities. Knowing your business and understanding your culture provides us enough insight to suggest approaches that reduce risks and can often avoid potential problems. We encourage our clients to undertake a holistic review of all of their existing contracts, employment manuals, and proposal language to make sure you have the most protection and most uptodate language. We offer an annual “checkup” to help you get ahead of problems.

Coverage of Broad Legal Issues. Because we are a fullservice firm, our attorneys have abilities to advise on the issues which most businesses face on a routine basis. We help you draft and negotiate contracts, protect your brand and intellectual property; manage labor and employment issues, and address your space needs whether you own or lease your business location. We also help resolve disputes through the courts and administrative agencies. We not only can answer questions but we have pragmatic solutions to the challenges of everyday business owners.

Availability. For clients to effectively obtain advice at any time, we introduce our clients to two attorneys and a paralegal or legal assistant so that someone is always available to respond to challenges.

Focused Attention. We will bring to the relationship new developments, which arise from our clients in similar circumstances, from recently reported cases, or just from our experience. We will also make recommendations to prevent future legal issues and add value to your business.

Drafting Contracts to Protect Your Business. Properly written, your contracts can address what happens if your customer breaches the agreement, or fails to pay.

Please call us at (301) 251-1180 or submit an online inquiry to learn more about our General Counsel lawyers and services.