Corporate & Business Law

To start and maintain a strong business, you need to be comfortable saying, “Let me check with our attorneys first.”

We are proud to be the on-call strategic partners for a wide spectrum of corporate and business clients. We make it our business to understand your enterprise – your ongoing issues, goals and place in the market. As a result, the advice we offer on any individual matter makes solid sense in the overall context of your business. Our team takes the job of supporting your success seriously, no matter how simple or complex the issue may be. Please call us at (301) 251-1180 or submit an online inquiry so that we may either assist you with your legal issue or provide a referral for someone who can.

Which type of entity is right for the new business I am starting?

It’s a critical question. We regularly help clients determine whether an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, LLP or LP provides the right structure, flexibility and protection for your type of business. We will review the pros and cons of the best options, and then create the appropriate business formation documents. We will also assist you proactively to keep your business in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern it.

I’m going into business with my best friend. Do we need an operating or shareholders agreement now?

Absolutely. Today, you have common ground and enthusiasm. Six months or six years from now, your visions and personal interests almost certainly will change. You need to look at who controls the finances, who has the power to hire and fire, and what will happen if your partner becomes disabled or dies. The best time to answer these questions is in the early stages of a business relationship. An operating agreement cannot prevent conflict, but it can lay the groundwork for a faster, less costly resolution if differences arise in the future.

My business partner(s) and I are struggling with a disagreement.

Disagreements among business owners can be enormously stressful. Too often, we see how such disruptions sap the energy of a company, paralyze decision-making, and escalate into bigger problems. Several of us are acknowledged veterans when it comes to negotiating thorny ownership issues. Time and again, our thoughtful interventions have helped owners confront underlying problems, address conflicting points of view, and preserve the business.

Is it okay to use form contracts I find on the Internet?

No, no and no. It’s virtually guaranteed that a generic form contract won’t adequately protect your interests. Essential terms are often missing; included terms may not even be valid in your jurisdiction. Once in force, the contract can deny or limit your options in case of a later dispute. A few dollars saved up front can cost you dearly in fees and potential litigation later. We will work with you to draft the agreement efficiently – and to cover every base on your behalf.

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