Commercial Leases Vary Widely

Not all commercial leases are created equal.  What type of use and property is covered by your lease can make the language and terms of your lease vary greatly.  General offices leases may address what is the appropriate percentage of the building that is part of the core factor and therefore the cost of maintenance passed on to tenants of the building. Medical leases can involve specific equipment and buildout issues, along with exclusive use and medical waste disposal concerns. 

In a restaurant lease, you may have different types of build-out issues, exclusive use and percentage rent included.  Retail leases may also have percentage rent and exclusive use issues. Hours of operation of other retailers in the shopping center may also be an important issue to address.  In a warehouse lease, you may have restrictions on manufacturing of products versus storage and distribution as well as limits on traffic in and out of the property. 

For industrial leases, depending upon the use, environmental concerns may have to be addressed.  Communication tower leases should address government approval for the tower to be placed where you want it located, as not every property can have a communication or cell tower.  Ground leases are a special type of lease addressing use and development of the property by the tenant for usually a more moderate rent, in exchange for a longer-term lease.

Making certain both you and your attorney know the varying issues that may affect your lease and your ability to operate your business are important to know going into your lease negotiation. Contact us for help with your questions or help with Commercial Leases.