S. Hayes Edwards Jr.

I strive to help my clients achieve certainty.

Business disputes can create tremendous confusion and frustration.  I work closely with my clients to identify the issues and understand their goals so we can reach a resolution that also helps to avoid future problems.  As a litigator, I know when to be aggressive and when to be tactful.  I am mindful of how decisions today can influence future outcomes.  Above all, I aim to control each client’s costs and keep his or her priorities in mind.

My clients include businesses of all sizes and shapes, as well as individuals.  I have substantial experience in state and federal courts involving contracts, real estate, employment, estate administration, and construction law, among others.  I also assist many clients in collecting from troublesome debtors.  In all of these fields, I am passionate in my advocacy and tireless in my pursuit of my client’s best interests.

I would be delighted to discuss your business and any issues you may be facing.  My goal is to help you circumvent small problems before they escalate into large disputes.  However, if litigation is inevitable, I would be eager to explain my approach.

Hayes knows business law and is very good at what he does. With his help, we successfully started our own company and defended ourselves from an old handshake agreement.”

- Michael J. Spade, Principal, Atalay & Spade Group