Larry N. Burch

Focusing on achieving my clients’ goals by understanding the benefits and explaining the risks of taking a case to trial and striving to obtain a favorable outcome with or without contested litigation, is my top priority.

My legal career has focused on litigation as a trial attorney.  Often my clients are in the midst of a personal struggle – like a divorce or child custody battle, or involved in a dispute with a business partner.  My goal is to resolve these disputes without the stress and expense of a contested trial.  However, this often involves preparing the case as if it is going to court with the emphasis on working out a compromise that is in line with providing a favorable outcome for my client.  However, if I cannot reach a favorable settlement outside of Court, my client is ready for trial.

Having served in the Navy JAG Corps, I learned first-hand trial experience by representing military service members.  I have shared my experience by continuing to represent military service members, veterans and civilians on a variety of litigation matters over the past 25 years.  Many of my clients have needed help with specialized areas that include: military personnel boards a “Board of Inquiry”; security clearance hearings; personal injury cases; business litigation and family law matters (divorce, child custody, child support).  I also assist with commercial litigation matters as well. 

I am admitted to practice law before the highest courts in Maryland, the District of Columbia, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.