Andrew M. Friedman

I am a people person. My passion is to help people plan their estates with ease, understanding, and support – every step of the way.

My primary focus is estate planning and estate administration as well as Partnership Planning. I guide individuals and couples through all aspects of estate planning. This includes drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other testamentary solutions. I also assist personal representatives and trustees through probate and trust administration.

Prior to McMillan Metro, I worked for four years as an estate and tax planning attorney at a boutique firm in Dupont Circle. I am excited to be a part of the McMillan Metro team and serve as your trustworthy legal guide during the estate planning process.

My passion for estate planning stems from my love of people and my first-hand experience witnessing the meaningful value this work brings to so many clients’ lives.

Estate Planning: I have worked with hundreds of clients with various planning needs:

  • Individuals and couples, whether married or not.
  • Same-sex couples looking to protect their partners and families.
  • Parents providing for their children, or beneficiaries with special needs.
  • Philanthropists who want to plan gifts to their favorite charities.
  • Older adults planning for their futures.
  • Straight-forward estate planning goals and more sophisticated tax planning objectives.
  • People who want to make things as organized and easy as possible for themselves and their family and friends.

Trust and Estate Administration: I serve as a legal advisor for probate and trust administrations. If you’ve been named as Personal Representative, Trustee or Executor, I can help guide you through the process.

My favorite part of this work is when clients tell me that they never knew these tasks could be so seamless and stress-free. My clients know that they can expect my personal attention toward their goals and creative solutions to their concerns.

If you need assistance with planning your estate or have a legal question in this area, it would be my pleasure to assist you. Please be in touch.