McMillan Metro, P.C. Announces Expanded Nonprofit Law Practice Area

McMillan Metro, P.C. is pleased to announce that we will now be expanding our representation for nonprofit organizations. Running a nonprofit organization can be a complex and challenging process, especially when it comes to navigating the changing intricacies of tax-exempt status. 

Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, nonprofit attorneys Natasha Nazareth and Ginny Cascio Bonifacino provide integrated advice from the very formation of your nonprofit to ensure that your organization’s structure and operations are compliant with the current tax-exempt status and that you have implemented the appropriate internal policies to prevent future issues.

From corporate and employment issues to intellectual property, real estate, dispute resolution, and education law issues, McMillan Metro’s nonprofit lawyers can advise on a range of matters that are unique to nonprofit organizations while ensuring compliance, mitigating risk, and catering to the needs of the business so that you can focus on your mission. 

“We understand non-profit culture and the demands that today’s non-profits face. Tailoring solutions is our forte”, said Natasha Nazareth. 

Learn more about our services for nonprofit organizations or contact us for more information.