Natasha Nazareth Presents At The MSBA “President’s Coffee Chat”

McMillan Metro P.C. attorney Natasha Nazareth will be presenting at an upcoming event with the Maryland State Bar Association. The panel event, called the “President’s Coffee Chat” will take place on March 3, 2021 and will focus on what it’s like to be in-house counsel for a corporation or organization. 

The theme, called “Pathways To In-House Counsel”, will cover in detail the daily lives and work experience of successful attorneys who have been in this position, including Natasha’s own work experience as General Counsel to a University of North Carolina system campus and the Bullis School in Potomac. Since joining our Firm, Natasha continues to serve as outside General Counsel to a variety of businesses and independent schools in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and North Carolina. 

Click here to register for this event. Natasha’s areas of expertise include Corporate & Business Law, Employment Law & Litigation, Education Law, and Nonprofit Law. Learn more about her or contact her today.