Natasha Nazareth Presents At 2020 NAPSEC Leadership Conference

Attorney Natasha Nazareth standing in front of a banner for the NAPSEC leadership conference that she attended in January 2020. On January 22, 2020, Natasha Nazareth, Education Law attorney with McMillan Metro, P.C, presented at the annual NAPSEC Leadership Conference in Savannah, Georgia. This annual event hosts administrators and executive directors of private special education programs from across the United States. The conference speakers included professional experts that covered best practices on topics ranging from legal to fiscal issues for schools and more. 

Natasha’s presentation at the conference focused on the challenges schools face because of the rapid legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in certain states. During her presentation, she emphasized that executive leaders should proactively manage change within their organizations when marijuana is legal in certain states but still considered illegal under federal laws. “In today’s environment, schools face tremendous uncertainty when an employee or student becomes a registered medical marijuana user. Schools have to act now despite scant research or caselaw to support the decision-making.”

Through the lively discussion which Natasha facilitated, attendees gained confidence that their educational institutions can implement a practical framework to be more prepared to address the unique issues that come with the legalization of marijuana. 

A recent article published by Natasha offers more analysis on this issue. Learn more about her Education Law practice or her experience in Employment Law and Corporate and Business law or contact her today