Natasha Nazareth Quoted In The Daily Record About Employers And Social Media

McMillan Metro P.C. attorney Natasha Nazareth spoke to reporter Gina Galluci-White about the need for employers to have strong social media policies when it comes to their employees. The article, published on February 19, 2021, discusses the need for employers to set good expectations for employee conduct upfront, even during off-duty time. 

Natasha emphasizes that employers should have social media policies in place so that employees aren’t on social media during their free time doing things that are inconsistent with the companies’ code of ethics or values. She goes on to say that employees should be responsible and respectful on social media and be aware that their social media posts, which remain online in black and white forever, could have lasting consequences on the employee and the business. 

Employers have choices about social media use which can boost public perception of the company and about whether and how to monitor social media use by their employees. 

Natasha has helped clients who have been victims of doxing and also helps employers create policies related to Social Media inside and outside of the workplace. Her areas of expertise include Corporate & Business Law, Employment Law & Litigation, Education Law, and Nonprofit Law. Learn more about her or contact her today