Natasha Nazareth Quoted In The Daily Record About Employment Law Changes During The Biden Administration

McMillan Metro P.C. attorney Natasha Nazareth spoke to reporter Gina Galluci-White with the Daily Record about the likely shift in employment law that may occur during the Biden Administration. The article, published on February 22, 2021, discusses the direction that labor issues are likely to take during the new President’s administration. 

In the article, Natasha emphasizes that employees are likely to see a number of worker-friendly policies enacted thanks to Biden’s promise to get Americans back to work in good jobs as quickly as possible. She cites the example of the $15 per hour minimum wage, which Montgomery County, Maryland, has already enacted. 

Natasha goes on to say that Biden’s policies will likely include an emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and creating healthier work environments free of discrimination and harassment. Some examples of a friendlier, pro-employer environment include opening up H-1B visas which allow companies to hire foreign workers and an executive order promoting diversity or bias training are just a few examples of some changes that employees may see. 

Although the administration is still new, Natasha states that it’s clear that Biden is pro-employer and that employers are likely to see these directional shifts. Natasha has helped employers adapt and prepare for changes in employment law policies. She is an attorney with more than 20 years of experience in Corporate & Business Law, Employment Law & Litigation, Education Law, and Nonprofit Law. Learn more about her or contact her today