McMillan Metro Fights the Cold with a Chili Cook-Off

What better way to fight the cold than with some smoking hot chili?

On Friday, February 13th, most of our Firm’s attorneys and staff gathered to show off their chili-cooking clout.  Five of us brought very unique yet tasty iterations of this southwestern-inspired dish to the table.  Others prepared side dishes to complement the palates of the voters.

As we gathered around the conference room table to begin our comparisons, the identities of the chefs were not disclosed. Each recipe was delicious, and no two tasted alike! We knew that only one winner would prevail and so began our voting by secret ballot.

At the end, bellies were full… and a decision had been made.  Our first-place winner was Taheya Cortez, our Estate Planning paralegal, followed by runners-up Anita Rought, Legal Assistant, and Jeremy Hesselbein, Corporate Paralegal. While every participant deserved accolades, Taheya’s recipe was hearty, zesty and just fiery enough to warm us up on a day where the temperature was only 20 degrees.