McMillan Metro Does Its Best to “Escape” the Impossible

Attorneys and Staff Test Their Teamwork Skills

This summer, McMillan Metro’s attorneys and staff took a step away from their desks to engage in a team-building exercise and test their collective aptitude in overcoming what seemed to be nearly impossible challenges. Whether or not they would ever return depended on their abilities to work together and think critically.

On the afternoon of Friday, June 9th, the Firm gathered at the Rockville Escape Room ready to face the challenges ahead. Participants found themselves locked inside a tyrant’s hidden tomb during the Pharaoh’s Quest, chomping at the bit to escape the Mad Dentist’s lab, begging, borrowing, and stealing to pull off the Great Diamond Heist, and without a leg to stand on during the Pirate’s Quest. Everyone who took part brought an invaluable skillset to the experience, and fun was had by all.

To say that the experiences were difficult would be an understatement. Nevertheless, all teams received an “A” for effort! The teams were divided based on practice area and administrative staff was split among all four, as follows:

“Litigants” – Ingrid Padilla and Omar Khan

“Estate Preppers” – Cathy LaRue, Michelle Lombelino, Taheya Cortez, and Becky Cox

“Mean Business” – Howard Metro, Jeremy Hesselbein, Peter Ciferri, Ashley LaRue, and Julie Cacoilo

“All Things Real Estate” – Donna McMillan, Michael Faerber, Judyann Lee, and Maggie Burke

The Firm would like to extend its gratitude to Rockville Escape Room and its staff for hosting us and sharing their hospitality. If you are interested in learning more about the venue, feel free to visit the company’s website at