Attorney Judyann M. Lee Published In The Beacon

Judyann Lee, a real estate attorney with McMillan Metro, P.C, recently published an article in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of The Beacon. The article focused on the reality of a recent increase in sober living homes and how they may impact HOA’s (homeowners associations). 

Sober living homes are homes or communities that are formed by unrelated adults who decide to live together while recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. These sober living homes are generally operated by one homeowner and may offer some level of supportive care with medical services or psychological counseling. 

There are many practical and legal concerns that HOA’s may have regarding sober living homes in their communities. Most HOA’s have covenants that prohibit the use of homes for commercial purposes, but this is just one legal concern. Members of the community may also have concerns about the operation of a sober living home in their community. 

The article emphasizes that regardless of the circumstances and reaction in the community, HOA’s should work closely with an attorney to ensure that they are operating within the bounds of fair housing laws. To learn more about this issue and how it affects HOA’s, read the full article

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