Haffner named to Montgomery Co. Task Force

Minority Owned & Small Businesses Gain an Advocate

Congratulations to our own Julian Haffner for being named to the new Minority Owned and Local Small Business (MOLSB) Task Force. He’s one of nine members appointed to the group that was established by the Montgomery County Council in late 2014.

The Task Force’s mission is to propose reforms to the County procurement process that will ensure its openness to all vendors without regard to race, gender, national origin, disability or size of organization. Julian, who rejoined McMillan Metro last December as an Associate in the Corporate and Business Department, has an impressive record of public service. In addition to being a member of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee (where he serves as chairperson of the Fundraising Committee) and representing its interests on the Maryland Democratic Party’s Executive Committee, he also serves on the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Commission.

In his practice and in his public service, Julian is a consistent advocate for minority owned and local small businesses, and we’re proud of his commitment.

To talk to Julian about your business’ legal needs, call him at (240) 778-2307 or send him an e-mail.