Ensure That Your Business Is In Compliance With New Employment Laws

With the flurry of new laws enacted for businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment law team at McMillan Metro, P.C. has seen an increase in legal concerns from local businesses. New restrictions in Maryland were passed as recently as the end of the year and raise a number of legal concerns that could leave your business exposed to potential liabilities that could be costly.  The COVID-19 vaccines (article coming soon) also add a new wrinkle as employers struggle with the legality and practicality of requiring employees to be vaccinated.

Attorneys Ginny Cascio Bonifacino and Natasha Nazareth are seeing business owners concerned about mitigating legal risks, such as claims of unlawful discrimination due to furloughs or temporary layoffs because of new capacity restrictions. Other concerns such as how to address violations of workplace safety and social distancing protocols proactively, or how to implement safety checklists or other changes to employee policies, are appearing frequently as the pandemic rages on. 

As the Maryland area and the U.S as a whole continue to see a spike and new laws are passed, it’s important to remember that your business could suffer if you inadvertently expose your business to liability. Ensure that you and your business are in compliance and to navigate tricky employment issues. Contact Natasha M. Nazareth at nnazareth@mcmillanmetro.com or Ginny Cascio Bonifacino at gcbonifacino@mcmillanmetro.com.