Real Property Taxes – APPEAL NOW!

Author: Robb A. Longman Date: 01/21/2013

Categories: Real Estate Law, Tax Services

Owners of both residential and commercial real property in Maryland recently received notices from the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (“SDAT”) indicating the newly assessed values of their real properties. These notices are generated by the SDAT every three years. For many, the assessed property values have increased since the last assessment date. Therefore, as the new values are implemented over the next three years the real property taxes that are paid by owners will likely increase.

If you disagree with the assessed value of your property the time to appeal is now! An appeal must be submitted within forty-five (45) days of the assessment date. For most owners, the deadline is February 11, 2013. This date, however, may vary based upon your individual assessment date. Be sure to carefully review your assessment notice to determine your date for filing an appeal. Even if your property was not assessed this year, you can still appeal the assessed value if you can prove the property has decreased in value since the last assessment. Please note that there are no extensions for this appeal, so the time to act is now.