Monthly Tax Tip: Don’t Be Afraid of the IRS

Author: Robb A. Longman Date: 03/01/2013

Categories: Tax Services

Collection notices from the IRS are daunting, but addressing them quickly can prevent bank and wage attachments. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights is designed to protect taxpayers. However, you must timely respond to the IRS to take advantage of these protections. If the IRS violates your rights, you may be entitled to recover damages from the IRS by filing suit for up to one million dollars ($1,000,000.00)

Opening and reading collection notices is required to protect your rights as those letters contain strict response deadlines. If you comply, you will have the right to an administrative appeal before collection activity is begun, and you reserve the right to bring a dispute to the United States Tax Court if it is unresolved during the administrative process.

  1. Read it immediately; and
  2. Respond or allow us to respond on your behalf.