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Montgomery County Restaurant Relief Grant Program

For those of you who own restaurants in Montgomery County, Maryland, the County Council has approved an $8-million state-funded Restaurant Relief Grant Program.  Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to eligible restaurants, food trucks, caterers, wineries and breweries and similar entities that directly provide food service. Applications open Friday, November 20, 2020, and…READ MORE

Author: Michael A. Faerber 11/20/2020

How to Keep Your Trade Secrets Secret

Does your business rely on information that you wouldn’t show to your competitors? If you don’t have a secure grasp on such trade secrets, you are at risk of losing these valuable assets with no way to recover them. The good news? You can easily protect a trade secret under Maryland and/or D.C. law, if…READ MORE

Author: hedwards 05/08/2015

When Will New Minimum Wage Requirements Affect Your Payroll?

Get ready. As early as October 1, 2014 higher minimum wage requirements begin to take effect around Maryland. That’s the date when new local laws start to impact businesses in Montgomery and Princes George’s Counties. Elsewhere in Maryland, new statewide requirements (which are lower than those in Montgomery and Prince George’s) take effect a few…READ MORE

Author: Michael A. Faerber 07/31/2014