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Are Subdivision Approvals And Other Entitlements Affected By COVID?

The sudden onset of COVID-19 has led every branch of State and Local governments scrambling to impose appropriate regulations and policies aimed at balancing public safety and avoiding a massive backlog.  Each local planning and zoning authority, board of appeals, and permitting department already has a unique set of local rules for conducting business, but…READ MORE

Author: Peter E. Ciferri 04/13/2020

Acts Of God: Enforcing And Negotiating Force Majeure Clauses For An Emergency

In the last two years, businesses and professionals in Maryland and Washington, D.C., have had to quickly pivot to avoid the negative economic impacts of completely unexpected events outside of their control.  First, there were tariffs and trade restrictions, followed quickly by the Coronavirus global pandemic.  How can you give your contracts additional strength before…READ MORE

Author: Peter E. Ciferri 03/18/2020

Taking The Clearer Path With Administrative Subdivisions In Montgomery County

Some development project applicants in Montgomery County might be able to take advantage of streamlined “Administrative Subdivision” regulations. Administrative Subdivision allows smaller projects to proceed with less regulatory red tape than the traditional preliminary plan process required by the Montgomery County Subdivision Regulations. If the subdivision plan fits certain specific legal and engineering criteria, then…READ MORE

Author: Peter E. Ciferri 01/06/2020

How do I appeal a Planning Board decision?

Final decisions made by the Montgomery County Planning Board of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission can be appealed within a specific statutory timeframe to the Circuit Court for Montgomery County. The Maryland Rules set specific timelines for an appellant in ordering transcripts, issuing notices, and preparing written memoranda to argue your case.  The…READ MORE

Author: Peter E. Ciferri 02/01/2019

How do I add an Accessory Apartment to my home?

Montgomery County Council adopted new and revised Zoning Ordinance regulations making it easier to secure permits for an accessory apartment unit for most agriculturally or residentially zoned properties. Under the revised County Zoning Ordinance, homeowners who previously would have been subject to a conditional use process to secure “Attached Accessory Apartment” or “Detached Accessory Apartment”…READ MORE

Author: Peter E. Ciferri 10/22/2018

Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreements Cleanwater Linganore

McMillan Metro, P.C. represents a number of residential builders and developers.  Over the years, the firm has come to recognize the great risk taken by a developer when it purchases a piece of raw ground and undertakes the entitlement, subdivision and development of a new project.  While the vagaries of the economy affect all enterprises…READ MORE

Author: sorens 03/28/2017