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Hiding Assets In Cryptocurrency

When going through a divorce, identifying and locating your spouse’s assets can often be a complicated and challenging endeavor. With the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency in recent years, this task has become even more complex. Cryptocurrency is a currency that is maintained digitally and without reliance on banks or other central authorities. The…READ MORE

Author: Jennifer A. Manley-Kapoor 04/05/2022

Finding And Dividing Marital Assets And Property

With a few specific exceptions, any asset acquired by either party during a marriage is considered marital property — regardless of how the asset is titled or which party purchased or earned the asset.  If you are considering a divorce or marital separation, it is imperative that you discover all of the marital assets; including…READ MORE

Author: Larry Burch 05/31/2021

What Is A Limited Divorce And A Pendente Lite Order?

In states like Maryland and the District of Columbia where there is often a waiting period before a person can file a petition for a Final (or Absolute) Divorce, a Limited Divorce was created to provide a divorcing couple with an interim or temporary order. Without an agreement between the parties (or other grounds for…READ MORE

Author: Larry Burch 03/30/2021

Ongoing Changes During The Covid-19 Crisis

From day to day, hour to hour, as our government responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, our laws change.  Some are relaxed, others are altered, and new ones are added. In the last week alone, we have seen the following: The federal government is requiring paid sick leave and family leave to some employees. The EEOC…READ MORE

Author: McMillan Metro Editor 03/20/2020

When Should I Hire A Military Divorce Lawyer?

If you serve in the military or are married to a military service member, and you are contemplating a divorce, you are likely asking some difficult questions like whether or not you should hire a military divorce lawyer or when you need one. Our latest article series focuses on helping military families who are going…READ MORE

Author: Larry Burch 11/05/2019

What To Look For In A Military Divorce Lawyer

Do military lawyers help with divorce? How long does a divorce take for someone in the military? If you’re in the military (or married to a military service member) and you are going through a divorce, you’re not alone, and you may be asking yourself questions like these. Divorce can be a difficult and painful…READ MORE

Author: Larry Burch 09/26/2019

What’s In and Out: How the New Tax Law May affect Family Law

The recently passed federal tax legislation raised questions and concerns for many people. The final word is still out on the implications, but here are a few observations about how the changes might come into play in the kind of family law issues that I help my clients navigate on a daily basis.* Alimony taxation…READ MORE

Author: Cathy LaRue 01/31/2018

Child Support for Adult Disabled Children

If you have an adult child with a disability or medical condition, you may be obligated to pay child support indefinitely if you divorce, separate, or even if you never married your child’s other parent. In Maryland, as in most other states, both parents have an obligation to support their minor children financially. That means…READ MORE

Author: Cathy LaRue 11/24/2017

If your divorce is amicable, do you need a lawyer?

Sometimes, couples want to avoid lawyers when they seek an amicable divorce.  They may believe that lawyers are unnecessary because their property division is amicable and “simple.”  Or they fear that their spouse will perceive the involvement of a lawyer as adversarial. But consider this: even in an amicable divorce you must fully understand your…READ MORE

Author: Cathy LaRue 04/26/2017

Why Pre-nups Are Not Only for Rich and Famous People

You don’t have to be a Kardashian to need a premarital (prenuptial) agreement. Here’s why. Many of us enter into marriages after years of successful earning and asset accumulation. Maybe you built a business. You may expect to inherit money. Maybe you’re really attached to the beach house you owned before you met. Even if…READ MORE

Author: Cathy LaRue 09/30/2016

You May Be Liable If You Let Minors Drink at Home in Maryland

Be forewarned: If you permit an underage driver to drink alcohol in your home, you may be subject to civil liability. On July 5th, the highest court in Maryland ruled that adults can be liable for the harm suffered or caused by persons under 21 whom they knowingly permit to drink on their property. Maryland does…READ MORE

Author: hedwards 07/25/2016