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What the Heck is Intellectual Property Anyway?

You have probably heard that you need to protect your intellectual property but what does that mean?   Here is a short guide of the different types of intellectual property and how to protect them. Contact the attorneys at McMillan Metro at (301) 251-1180 for more information.

Author: McMillan Metro Editor 01/10/2019

Website 2.0 – The Better Version of a Website for Your Business

Where to Start: Create A Valid Contract and Privacy Policy   Savvy business owners know that a website for their business is a great tool for attracting potential customers or clients. But fewer are familiar with the legal risks of not having privacy policies and terms and conditions tailored to their audiences and business practices….READ MORE

Author: mminaya 04/11/2016

A © Alone is the Wrong Way to Copyright Your Work

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re deal-focused. You’ve got your eye on the prize, and you can’t be bothered with unnecessary details. You are driven by the desire to get things done. So when you establish a relationship with a partner, a supplier, an employee, or a client, it’s easy enough to imagine you can skim over…READ MORE

Author: McMillan Metro Editor 04/16/2015