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Creating Arbitration Agreements with Your Employees

Many employers routinely include mandatory arbitration agreements for resolving employment disputes with their employees. To the surprise of many employers, such clauses are often ruled invalid. To help assure that your agreement requiring arbitration of employment disputes is enforceable, be aware of the following factors: Consider using a separate, stand-alone agreement. Especially in the context of…READ MORE

Author: 11/01/2019

What Does Lodestar Mean?

Much is being made of the use of the so-called “archaic” word “Lodestar”, a 14th century word used by an anonymous op-ed penned by an anonymous White House official critical of the President, according to the Washington Post. The word lodestar is not a mystery to lawyers, however.   As recently explained by the Court…READ MORE

Author: 09/06/2018

The Impact of the Supreme Court’s Recent Ruling on Outdoor Companies and Recreational Boaters

Federal courts have historically ruled on issues that affect land and river ownership, and often such decisions impact outdoor companies and recreation outdoor enthusiasts. On February 22, 2012, the Supreme Court issued a decision in PPL Montana, LLC v. Montana which could impact recreational kayak, canoe, and raft paddlers. The case addressed whether the State of Montana…READ MORE

Author: 04/25/2012