Big Issues, Short Takes – April 2013

Author: A. Howard Metro Date: 03/29/2013

Categories: Corporate and Business Law, Employment Law & Litigation

Cyber Security – Stronger Passwords

A few years ago, we thought 8-character passwords were strong. Then the Georgia Institute of Technology tested 8-character security using commonly available programs and cracked the passwords in two hours. But it would take thousands of years to crack a 12-character password using the same technology. Moral of the story: If your internal systems will allow 12-character passwords, use and require them.

Smartphone – Wise Policy

If an employee has access to your company’s internal information and trade secrets via smartphone, insist on password protection in case the phone is lost!

Minimum Wage – Defeated

Maryland’s current minimum wage sits at $7.25 per hour — $3.63 for tipped workers. Measures before the 2013 session — Senate Bill 683 and the companion House Bill 1204 — which would increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2015 were defeated. If your business is affected, carefully watch what is proposed next year and make your representatives aware of your position.