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Employers Beware: The Price of Not Knowing about the Current Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws

We have written often about the pitfalls presented by wage and overtime laws, and how those laws carry severe monetary consequences for employers. Policy makers have targeted “wage theft” with these regimes, but all too often well-meaning companies are punished for systematic failures. We have seen a rash of actions taken against responsible employers who…READ MORE


FLSA Wage Claims Are on the Rise: How to Prevent and Defend Against Unpaid Wage Claims

“Wage theft” has become the buzzword du jour in certain circles. According to an analysis from the Federal Judicial Center (FJC), more workers than ever are filing wage-and-hour lawsuits. The number of wage and hour lawsuits filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been steadily on the rise, surpassing all other employment-type cases….READ MORE