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What’s In and Out: How the New Tax Law May affect Family Law

The recently passed federal tax legislation raised questions and concerns for many people. The final word is still out on the implications, but here are a few observations about how the changes might come into play in the kind of family law issues that I help my clients navigate on a daily basis.* Alimony taxation…READ MORE

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Child Support for Adult Disabled Children

If you have an adult child with a disability or medical condition, you may be obligated to pay child support indefinitely if you divorce, separate, or even if you never married your child’s other parent. In Maryland, as in most other states, both parents have an obligation to support their minor children financially. That means…READ MORE

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If your divorce is amicable, do you need a lawyer?

Sometimes, couples want to avoid lawyers when they seek an amicable divorce.  They may believe that lawyers are unnecessary because their property division is amicable and “simple.”  Or they fear that their spouse will perceive the involvement of a lawyer as adversarial. But consider this: even in an amicable divorce you must fully understand your…READ MORE

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Legal Update: New Maryland Law Mandates Private-Sector Retirement Program for All Maryland Employees

The National Institute on Retirement Security estimates that about 45% of private-sector workers are not offered a retirement savings plan by their employer. Moreover, 57% of American workers currently have less than $25,000 in savings. And in Maryland, a bipartisan task force found that one million working residents of the state have virtually no retirement…READ MORE

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