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What Should I Do With My Living Will After I’ve Signed It?

The Health Care Power of Attorney and the Advance Medical Directive are critically important estate planning documents. The Advance Medical Directive (often called a “Living Will”) allows you to make your wishes known about whether to withhold life support in certain contexts. The Health Care Power of Attorney allows you to name someone (usually called…READ MORE

Author: Andrew M. Friedman

The “Disappeared” Husband In Tiger King

If you’re like me, you’ve seen every episode of the documentary Tiger King on Netflix. As an animal lover and estate planning attorney, the show covered a lot of issues that interest me. The biggest estate planning issue centered around the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband, Don. It struck a lot of people as highly…READ MORE

Author: Andrew M. Friedman

Estate Planning In This Coronavirus Moment

Does this sound like you these days? Fresh out of bed, your day begins with a rush of COVID-19 news. Your email box pings with alerts. Memes crowd your social media feeds. And your smartphone vibrates with texts from worrying friends and family. On top of that, you have more time to think about it…READ MORE

Author: Andrew M. Friedman