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More White-Collar Workers May Qualify for Overtime Pay

Some 5,000,000 white-collar workers who are currently exempt from overtime compensation may soon be entitled to such pay. The effect on your payroll could be significant if changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are allowed to take effect, per a recent proposal from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). The impact will arise…MORE

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How to Keep Your Trade Secrets Secret

Does your business rely on information that you wouldn’t show to your competitors? If you don’t have a secure grasp on such trade secrets, you are at risk of losing these valuable assets with no way to recover them. The good news? You can easily protect a trade secret under Maryland and/or D.C. law, if…MORE

Author: How to Keep Your Trade Secrets Secret

A © Alone is the Wrong Way to Copyright Your Work

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re deal-focused. You’ve got your eye on the prize, and you can’t be bothered with unnecessary details. You are driven by the desire to get things done. So when you establish a relationship with a partner, a supplier, an employee, or a client, it’s easy enough to imagine you can skim over…MORE

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What Happens to Your E-mail and Facebook® Accounts When You Die?

A growing issue involves what happens to our digital assets upon death. On a daily basis, we create vast quantities of “digital assets” in the form of text messages, as well as images such as photos and media. Common examples include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, websites, contact lists, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, electronic books (such as Kindle),…MORE

Author: Ronald E. Lyons

This Deceptive Mailing Is a Good Reminder

Watch out. Some of our business clients are receiving official-looking documents that cite state laws about holding and documenting annual meetings. The pitch is for a service that will manufacture meeting minutes for $125, an unnecessary fee for a product of questionable value. Ignore this misleading mailing, but take it as a timely reminder. Like…MORE

Author: Lawrence S. Jacobs