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What Should I Do With My Living Will After I’ve Signed It?

The Health Care Power of Attorney and the Advance Medical Directive are critically important estate planning documents. The Advance Medical Directive (often called a “Living Will”) allows you to make your wishes known about whether to withhold life support in certain contexts. The Health Care Power of Attorney allows you to name someone (usually called…READ MORE


Finding And Dividing Marital Assets And Property

With a few specific exceptions, any asset acquired by either party during a marriage is considered marital property — regardless of how the asset is titled or which party purchased or earned the asset.  If you are considering a divorce or marital separation, it is imperative that you discover all of the marital assets; including…READ MORE


Should You Relax Your Workplace Masking Policy?

As the pandemic wears on and effective vaccines roll out to many adults, employers and employees are hoping to stop wearing masks in the workplace.  To reduce labor risks, we advise employers to keep a workplace mask policy in place, remind all employees that the policy remains in effect, and directly address employees who do…READ MORE


What Is A Limited Divorce And A Pendente Lite Order?

In states like Maryland and the District of Columbia where there is often a waiting period before a person can file a petition for a Final (or Absolute) Divorce, a Limited Divorce was created to provide a divorcing couple with an interim or temporary order. Without an agreement between the parties (or other grounds for…READ MORE


Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation Will Receive More Anti-Discrimination Protection Under New Executive Order

Employers, schools, and real estate developers should take note of a new Executive Order issued on Inauguration Day which gives an expansive reading to last summer’s Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County. In Bostock, conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch writing for a 6:3 majority held that Title VII’s prohibition on employment discrimination “because of…READ MORE

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Marital Separation Agreements for Military Couples

If you are in the military (or married to a military service member) and considering a separation or divorce, there are usually two options available: (1) you can negotiate a Marital Separation Agreement; (2) or you can pursue a divorce through the state court. Deciding whether you should get divorced or remain married but separated…READ MORE