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How to Remove a Trustee from a Trust

Having the right person manage a trust is critical to its success, and there may come a time when removing a trustee is necessary. Though it can be intimidating, understanding how to properly and legally remove a trustee can help make the process go more smoothly. What is a Trustee? A trustee is an individual…READ MORE

Author: Heather Sunderman

Pay Transparency Pros & Cons

Pay transparency laws have been in the news for a while, and they’re a hotly contested issue. On the one hand, shining a light on wage information helps create fairness in the workplace and acknowledges the essential value of virtually every role, which is the intended purpose of the laws. But some people worry about…READ MORE

Author: Andrew H. Milne

The As-Is Clause In Real Estate: Is It Enforceable?

It seems like an easy thing to do when selling a property: just hand over the keys and include an “as-is” clause in the contract. After all, caveat emptor – “buyer beware.” But do you really know what an as-is clause means? It’s more complex than it seems, and it doesn’t mean the buyer can’t…READ MORE

Author: Judyann M. Lee

Virginia Amendment Outlawing Same-Sex Marriage is Still in Place

In early February 2023, the Virginia Senate approved Senate Bill 1096, a resolution proposed by Senator Adam Ebbin that intended to repeal Virginia’s Marshall-Newman Amendment. The Marshall-Newman Amendment, which was approved by Virginia voters in 2006, outlaws same-sex marriage, explicitly defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Though both Senate democrats and republicans…READ MORE

Author: Lawrence S. Jacobs

Pros & Cons of Downsizing Your Office Space in D.C.

Looking through the local news recently, I noticed an article about D.C. companies making significant changes to their office spaces. Notably, statistics show that more and more businesses are choosing to downsize their spaces and move to other locations. In the age of Zoom meetings and hybrid working environments, many companies are rethinking their need…READ MORE

Author: Judyann M. Lee

Don’t DIY Your LLC

Over the last 20 years, limited liability companies have become the preferred way of doing business for many small and medium-size enterprises.  That is primarily due to the fact that LLCs are easier to form than corporations. Unfortunately, that simplicity lulls many people into trying to do it themselves or working with forms provided online….READ MORE

Author: Lawrence S. Jacobs