Choosing the right lawyer is tough.

Our clients think it’s easy.

Growing a business takes teamwork.

Our strategic thinking drives success.

When bad things happen to good businesses…

Our people deliver the results you need.

Major homebuilders and developers rely on us.

We have the knowledge to get deals done.

21st century families are all so different.

You can count on us to protect the people you love.

Solutions for business

  • Arbitration & Mediation
    What’s the best way to resolve your conflict?

    You have choices. We can advise you on the best route and guide you through the process. Hint: Court cases can sometimes be less expensive than arbitration or mediation. Get more info Contact us

  • Corporate & Civil Litigation
    Wondering how to make your case?

    The best approach: Start with an informed creative strategy. Stay flexible. Obsess over the details. We are proud of our team’s reputation as tactical litigators. Get more info Contact us

  • Commercial Leasing
    Whichever side of a lease you are on…

    Landlord or tenant, you can count on sane, savvy assistance from us. We’re plugged into the region’s latest leasing transactions, trends and legal developments. Get more info Contact us

  • Corporate & Business Law
    Starting, expanding or protecting your business?

    Bring us the issues and opportunities you and your business are facing, from partner disputes and acquisitions, to succession planning, compensation policies and much more. Get more info Contact us

  • Employment Law & Litigation
    Questions about a situation in your workplace?

    Employment laws get more confusing every day. You can ask us to help set policy…interpret it…or provide counsel if litigation is the only option. Get more info Contact us

  • Intellectual Property
    Worried about protecting your “creations of the mind”?

    You can’t lock ideas in a safe at night. Whether your intellectual property is already out in the world or ready to reveal, we can help you protect and exploit it. Get more info Contact us

  • Land Use, Zoning and Municipal Law
    Need help with regulatory development approval?

    Zoning ordinances, subdivision and forest conservation regulations, and building codes are challenging and unavoidable but we have the experience you need. Get more info Contact us

  • Legal Issues for Restaurant Owners
    Dealing with a healthy serving of legal issues?

    A successful restaurant looks easy. We know it’s not. We’ve helped many high-profile establishments start up, clear licensing hurdles, handle employment issues, and more. Get more info Contact us

  • Nonprofit Organizations
    Need help navigating the complex world of nonprofits?

    We provide integrated advice to ensure that your nonprofit organization’s structure and operations are compliant with the current tax-exempt status and you have implemented the appropriate internal policies to prevent future issues. Get more info Contact us 

  • Real Estate Law
    Looking for help with your next project?

    We have extensive experience in all phases of real estate law, including end-to-end relationships with some of the largest homebuilders and developers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Get more info Contact us

Solutions for individuals

  • Business Startups
    Which direction should you take your business?

    The first challenge: Form it as the right kind of entity. We’ll evaluate your unique plan, recommend the right solution such as an LLC or S-Corp, and help you with the intricacies of getting up and running. Get more info Contact us

  • Creator’s Artist’s Rights
    Looking for ways to protect your ideas and creations?

    You’re out-numbered by the people who would take or change your work. You’re out-gunned by any business you bargain with. But you’re not out of luck. Our team is here to help. Get more info Contact us

  • Education/School Discipline Law
    What’s the best way to resolve a dispute in the school system?

    Schools should always have their students’ best interests at heart. Sometimes, disciplines don’t go as planned. We can advise you on how to protect your child’s student rights. Get more info Contact us

  • Estate Planning & Administration
    Ready to create or re-visit your estate plan?

    “It’s a huge relief,” our clients often say as they thank us for making the estate planning process easy and unintimidating. We’ll help you get there too with sensitive, personal attention. Get more info Contact us

  • Family Law
    Facing separation and have unanswered questions?

    Discuss with us the many facets of divorce, including asset division, spousal support, and custody arrangements, and allow us to bring clarity to you during these challenging times. Get more info Contact us

  • Partnership Planning
    Prefer a lawyer who understands same-sex couples?

    Estate planning isn’t easy, and it’s even harder if you’re not sure you can talk candidly about your lives with your attorney. Our team – including one of the region’s top-ranked gay lawyers – has worked with nearly 500 same-sex couples. Get more info Contact us

  • Military Law
    Are you a military service member facing a legal challenge?

    Military and uniform service members often face a wide variety of complex legal challenges. From court-martials and administrative boards to Physical Evaluation Boards, non-judicial punishment proceedings, or military divorce, we offer customized help for very specific problems. Get more info Contact us

  • Personal Injury Law
    Have you been involved in an accident or been affected by personal injury?

    We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients and we handle each case with the utmost care. If you have been injured in an auto accident in Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia, you should have an experienced attorney in your corner. Get more info Contact us