Education/School Discipline Law

We understand that your children sometimes make mistakes.

Schools should always have their students’ best interests at heart. Unfortunately, sometimes schools are overzealous in disciplining a student and many school districts have zero-tolerance policies. More and more often, we see cases where a student is disciplined too aggressively or where kids are subject to suspension for minor infractions. At the same time, Federal law offers additional protection to children with disabilities, and these laws may apply to your case even if your child has not been given services or accommodations for a disability.

My tenth-grader was recently suspended for three days from a Maryland public school. Could this affect her ability to get into college? She has a 4.0 GPA and has not had any other school discipline problems.
Unfortunately, this suspension can indeed affect her prospects. Most U.S. colleges use the Common Application® or the Universal College Application®. Both of them ask if the applicant has had any suspensions since the ninth grade. As competitive as the college application process is today, a suspension on her record could make it difficult to win application acceptance at a college of her choice.
Is there a way to file an appeal or get the suspension removed from her school records?
Yes. You may be able to do this, but do not delay! There are deadlines for appeals. You should speak to an attorney ASAP. The regulations for appealing and/or the expungement of records vary, depending on the county in which your daughter attends school. Please contact us to discuss the rights of your child and you. We can help you determine which options are best for your circumstances and how to expedite the process.
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