Creator’s & Artist’s Rights

It can be a real David and Goliath struggle to protect the ideas, works of art or music, or programming code you create.

We understand how valuable the products of your talent and hard work are. Our attorneys will help you level the playing field – whether you’re looking to monetize your creation, sell or license it, or protect it from the people who may duplicate, manipulate or co-opt your work. Laws in this area are being expanded and tested in real-world cases constantly, and we help ensure that your intellectual property is protected.


  • Can I protect the integrity of an image or an illustration that I created? More

    Yes, you certainly can. We can advise you on how to protect your ownership rights against others who may change what you’ve created, or use what you have created without your permission. We can also help protect you in case your work has been destroyed, so you can maintain the integrity and value.

  • A large publisher wants to distribute software that I developed. What should I do? More

    First, don’t sign anything! As you well understand, there are many, many steps to sharing your software with a publisher. Talk to one of our attorneys right away. We’ll help you prepare and negotiate the long list of documents you may need: licensing and assignment agreements for copyright and trademark assets; technology transfer agreements (including sale and transfer of domain names and trademarks); software licenses; software development agreements; source code escrow agreements; click/shrink wrap licenses; OEM agreements; website development and hosting agreements; and other intellectual property/technology licenses.

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