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How Some Simple Recordkeeping Can Keep You Out of Court

Some people are born obsessive organizers.  Some are not.  And while it’s not our job to tell you that your desk needs organizing or your wallet needs thinning out, our litigation department is awash in cases where parties lacked a solid system for pro-active record keeping.  Sure, most of your dealings will conclude uneventfully, never…MORE

Author: S. Hayes Edwards Jr. 04/04/2016

Maryland Home Improvement 101 for Consumers: Know Your Rights

You’ve chosen a contractor to perform your home remodeling or renovation, you’ve settled on the plans for the work, and you’ve planned how to rearrange your life around the work. But what if all doesn’t go according to plan? If not, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable and expensive situation. The Maryland Home Improvement…MORE

Author: S. Hayes Edwards Jr. 02/20/2015